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Medspa. If the image that comes to mind upon hearing that word is of a cold, sterile environment then the soothing ambiance at ANEU Med Spa in McFarland will be an unexpected surprise.

The staff at ANEU Med Spa’s welcoming demeanor is disarming from the moment clients enter the lobby. Aromatic diffusers then expand those oral greetings into a full sensorial experience as subtle floral notes encourage deep breaths—indirectly triggering a state of calm to slowly settle in while being escorted to a treatment room.

The serenity of the space lessens any anxiety cosmetic procedures newbies may feel during initial visits. Same can be said for the straight facts the medical aestheticians and nurse injectors openly share in consultations before recommending specific services. They’re adamant about balancing consumer desires with reasonable outcomes in order to design a treatment plan all are comfortable with before getting started. And a client’s readiness far outweighs the popularity of a particular therapeutic. “If you’re not ready for Botox, don’t get it,” says certified laser technician, CoolSculpting master provider, and lead aesthetician Missy Oelke. “There are plenty of other skin solutions we can provide until you are.”

Along the same lines, Oelke recommends approaching each new service from a levelheaded perspective which includes:


“Our main goal is to rejuvenate aging facial structure and create the healthiest skin of your life. We live in an age where we see a lot of edited images daily and subconsciously compare ourselves to them. At ANEU, we will educate about what happens during the aging process, and create a customized treatment plan that works with your lifestyle and budget.”


Adhering to post-care instructions can be the determining factor of successful treatment. “If you do have any post-treatment questions or concerns, reach out to your provider,” Oelke stresses. “It’s their job to make sure you feel confident in your treatment plan and outcome.”


“Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither were we!” she affirms. “The aging process takes time; so does the process to reverse the inevitability of aging.” Also, keep in mind people respond to treatments at different speeds “due to genetics and post-care compliance.” 

This straightforward dialogue is where ANEU’s expertise and experience is put to excellent use—helping to alleviate clients’ fears in tangent with stressing there are no shortcuts to getting the gradual results individuals are hoping for. This is particularly true in regard to skincare and cosmetic trends that are currently considered to be in vogue, like microneedling. The treatment is having a moment due to the “amazing results it can give with minimal downtime,” according to Oelke. “After a couple days of swelling and redness, your skin is glowing, collagen is forming and pores are shrinking.” As with any treatment, multiple sessions are needed, depending on the patient’s desired results and the baseline health of their skin. Microneedling can also be performed anywhere on the body to help soften scars and lighten stretch marks.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, commitment to continuing education for staff, and luxe customer experiences is what has gained ANEU Med Spa founder Amie M. Neumaier such a solid business reputation—by each patron being pampered, but also well prepared, for the personalized beauty journey that lies ahead.

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