A-List Facial in Madison, WI

A-List Facial in Madison, WI

The A-List Facial is an elite skincare service that prepares your skin for any special occasion. The treatment begins with our triLift™ dynamic muscle stimulation, which effectively lifts and contours the face, particularly enhancing the jawline. Our signature ANEU Dermaplane procedure follows it, gently exfoliating the skin and removing fine hair, ensuring flawless makeup application. The session concludes with a Hydrafacial that cleanses deeply, exfoliates gently, and hydrates the skin, leaving you a radiant glow. This comprehensive approach makes it ideal for treating the face and enhancing its appearance.

The A-List Facial in Madison, WI, is tailored for individuals seeking to look their best for upcoming events or simply wishing to maintain a fresh, youthful complexion. Results are noticeable immediately, making it perfect for those who need a quick enhancement. The effects of the facial can last for weeks, depending on skin type and maintenance. If you’re considering a professional skincare treatment that provides lasting benefits, consider booking at ANEU MEDICAL SPA in Madison, WI. We ensure each session is crafted to meet your skincare needs and leave you looking and feeling spectacular.

Rejuvenation is exciting, but PRE-juvenation is all the rage!

Med Spa treatments are providing that snatched look and people can’t get enough of it!

INTRODUCING OUR ‘NEU A-List Facial Treatment – This is a MUST HAVE before any special occasion!

We will start with our triLift™ dynamic muscle stimulation to lift and contour showcasing your snatched jawline for the event. You will then get our signature ANEU Dermaplane to exfoliate your skin and remove unwanted peach fuzz so your makeup goes on flawlessly. Last, sit back and relax while we perform a Hydrafacial to further remove impurities, gently exfoliate, and HYDRATE the skin so you are absolutely glowing for your special event!

BONUS GIFT: we can finish the package with Upneeq, the prescription eye drop that brightens and whitens the eyes and lights up your whole face!

Benefits of the A-List Facial :


Anyone looking to enhance their skin’s appearance for a special event or to maintain a youthful look can benefit from the A-List Facial. It’s suitable for most skin types and is particularly effective for those wanting immediate skin texture and appearance improvement.

Results from the A-List Facial are visible shortly after treatment, making it an excellent choice for those needing a quick enhancement.

The results of the A-List Facial can last several weeks, varying by individual skin type and how well the skin is cared for post-treatment.

There is no significant downtime associated with the A-List Facial. Some mild redness may follow treatment, but this typically subsides quickly.

Before the A-List Facial, it’s best to avoid harsh skin treatments or products that irritate the skin. After the treatment, keep the skin hydrated and protected from excessive sun exposure to maximize the effects.

During the A-List Facial, you will experience a series of skin-enhancing procedures, including muscle stimulation to lift and contour, dermaplaning to remove dead skin and hair, and a Hydrafacial to cleanse and hydrate the skin. The treatment’s goals are relaxation and rejuvenation.

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