Laser Hair Removal in MADISON, WI




Depending on the treatment area, your treatment can be completed in as few as a couple of minutes for example with a small area. You do not need to grow out your hair prior to treatment, areas must be shaved within 24 hours of the treatment. Do not wax, tweeze, bleach or use a depilatory cream for 6 weeks prior to your treatment. Most clients find the treatment tolerable, feeling a short burst of warmth with each pulse. Clients able to go back to your daily activities immediately after. Treatment CANNOT be performed on an area that has any tan from the sun or artificial means.

Most clients typically start to see the first signs of hair reduction 2-4 weeks after their first treatment. Most clients need on average anywhere from 4-8 treatments spaced 5-7 weeks apart. After completion of their laser hair removal treatment series, most clients see on average 85-95% hair reduction. As there is no such thing as permanent laser hair removal, depending on the area clients will need one maintenance treatment every 6-12 months after the initial treatment series.

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