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TriLift is another multi-modality treatment allowing us to address multiple concerns in the same visit. It combines the newest unmatched technology, Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt), used for facial muscle stimulation, with two other modalities to tone healthy muscles, reduce facial wrinkles, smooth, and resurface the skin giving an overall refreshed, more youthful look to the face. It works by triggering muscles to expand and contract, similar to how they generate natural expressions. Think of it as a workout for your facial muscles. As we age, some muscles start to lengthen and that contributes to the laxity we see in our mid-face if left untreated. Unlike traditional magnetic muscle stimulation, triLift allows providers to customize their settings for both depth and frequencies and be able to target groups of muscles rather than just one at a time. Couple this muscle workout with a Radio Frequency Microneedling treatment and you now layer in improved tone, texture and tightening.



As we age, facial muscles weaken and the skin loses elasticity, leading to a droopy midface. triLift Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) is an innovative technology from Lumenis that triggers involuntary muscle contractions to tighten and tone healthy muscles. These muscle contractions are similar to the contractions that occur with natural facial expressions and movement.

The difference is that DMSt triggers more facial muscle contractions than naturally possible, so it acts like a workout for your face. Unlike magnetic muscle stimulation, triLift is a customizable treatment that can be adjusted to different depths and frequencies, targeting different groups of muscles.

triLift treatment takes about 45 minutes and is not painful. Patients feel a warming sensation and twitching of the facial muscles, similar to the sensation felt when moving your face. A series of treatments scheduled 2 weeks apart are needed for optimal results. After each treatment, your muscles will be more toned and the skin will be lifted and smoothed.


triLift is a multi-modality treatment that can be combined with TriPollar RF and triFX microneedling for added skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Multi-modality technology targets all three layers of the skin: the deep epidermal layer, muscles, and superficial dermal layer. Radiofrequency energy (RF) generates heat in the deep skin tissues to tighten existing collagen and elastin fibers while microneedling creates microchannels in the skin’s surface to trigger new collagen production. Collagen and elastin are proteins naturally found in the body and they give the skin elasticity, volume, and a smooth texture.

triLift with RF microneedling takes about an hour and a half. Your skin will be mildly red and swollen for about 5-7 days and its texture may feel rough until the microchannels are fully healed. Once the skin has healed, you will start to smoother skin with a more radiant complexion. Results will continue to develop for several months as collagen rebuilds healthy new tissues.



triLift can be done on virtually all skin types and should be considered both preventative and corrective. This makes this procedure unique in the sense almost anyone with a face is a candidate barring any health restrictions. Our younger patients are viewing this as a way to delay the signs of aging, while others are discovering a missing piece to the puzzle in their treatment regimen. Dynamic Muscle Stimulation can be done alone or combined with RF Microneedling.

At ANEU Med Spa we will assess your skin and ask about your desired results so we can formulate a treatment regimen to target your specific skin concerns. Our most popular treatment plan includes a series of treatments spaced a couple weeks apart alternating triLift alone with triLift + RF Microneedling. Appointment time for triLift alone is about 45 minutes and about 90 minutes if you are combining the RF Microneedling with it.

Clients will feel a warm to hot sensation along with a “twitching” sensation. If you are getting RF Microneedling done on the same day you will also notice micro-channels in the skin which will be prompting the skin to begin the healing process that stimulates your own collagen production to improve your textural concerns. Your skin will feel like a mild sunburn or windburn sensation and you will notice a slightly rough texture on the surface of the skin from these micro-channels which will resolve in 5-7 days. After that you will start seeing your newly rejuvenated skin come to the surface.

Most clients will need a series of treatments and we like to space those about 2 weeks apart. The DMSt provides some immediate gratification by lifting those muscles of the face giving you more contour and definition. This lift will last longer the more toned your muscles get with each treatment. Improvement from the RF Microneedling portion can be seen as quickly as 10 days but will continue to improve for up to 90 days as collagen builds. This treatment will improve skin clarity and reflection, even out skin tone and discoloration as well as reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scarring. triLift is a groundbreaking multi-tasker and we are thrilled to be able to be one of the only clinics in the Midwest to offer this to our patients.

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